Best Cat Litter Box Reviews – Top 5

A detailed review about top five cat litter box

Having the pet animals like cat is a best companion for the people, but while taking care of them you need to ensure their safety and fulfill all their needs to survive. You need to take care of their food, living place and all their accessories among all litter boxes is also main thing for your cute little companion. The litter box is main thing in cat growing and show friendliness with your pet. So you should be more conscious in choosing the best cat litter box or litter pan since there is several litter boxes products are available in market as well as in online. Although there are several products available in the market the catit jumbo hooded litter pan is the top best rated cat litter box in the sale.

1. Catit jumbo hooded litter pan

The catit jumbo hooded litter pan is top rated mainly because of their feature the litter pan is made with good quality and featured with carbon filter to control odor. The cat litter box with door in the front to keep the litter inside the box. The box is made more spacious to make litter comfortable in addition the litter box is designed with removable lid with a handle which makes easy to lift. There is also option for replace the carbon filter to control the litter box odor. If your cat litter not comfortable with the swinging door there is option to remove that and make space for litter to play.

Pros and cons of using catit jumbo hooded litter pan:


  • The litter pan is designed with more space which make available for extra large litter area for cat.
  • The litter pan is made with high durability.
  • The durable plastics have life of seven years so chances of getting pan damage are less.
  • The design of litter box with four latches is made with handle which helps to clean the litter box easily.
  • The door is fixed as swinging type which is convenient for removing and for daily cleaning purpose.
  • The litter is designed with high safety so the chances for leakage of pees are less.
  • The carbon filter fixed on the top of litter helps to control the odor of litter box.
  • The design of litter box is more convenient for more litters as multi- cat house.
  • More over this litter box is affordable in range and value for money too.


  • It cannot pre judged that all cats would adjust with swinging door.
  • In most of cases the cats will tear or damage the carbon filter fixed on top.

2. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Similar to catit jumbo hooded litter pan, the iris top entry is the best cat litter box and also a useful product for your cute cats. Usually all the litter pan or litter box would have entry in the center with flap up doors but in iris top entry cat litter box it is designed quite different. Instead of having the entry on the side of litter box the entry is designed in the top that is on the roof of the litter box. Here Pros and cons of using top entry litter pan are listed below.


  • Since the litter box has entrance on the top the cat used to track down cannot do in this litter box.
  • More over it cut down the litter tracking all over the house since the cat has its private space.
  • It is specially designed for single cat litter space so the cats have enough space to enjoy.
  • Since the entry door is designed on the top of the litter, your cat pee and poop will be hidden inside the litter which would helps you to avoid cleaning your entire home.
  • This type of litter pans get rid of other animals to get into the pan since the opening is in top.


  • Since the opening door is on top, using this type of litter box gives chance for your litter to escape and it increases the chances of vulnerable in your cat.
  • The essential carbon filter is missed to fix so your litter’s pees and poops will remains inside the litter pan which in turn passes bad odor all over the house.
  • As bad odor of pees and poops remains within the litter box and kitties are more sensitive to smell they will not comfortable to be inside the litter box.
  • More over the kitties of small aged and small sized will find difficult to jump into the top opened litter box in same way it is difficult for them to jump outside of the litter box.
  • Since the litter has only top open it is difficult to clean them, if you do so it takes more time to get dry because it needs more air circulation to dry up.
  • This litter pans are suitable for small size kitties if the cats are somewhat big in size then they find the litter pan like a lock up and feel uncomfortable.

3. Favorite 25-Inch Extra Large covered litter box

Using a covered cat litter box or hooded covered litter box is mainly because it has large enough spaces for litters. If your cat loves with enlarged spaces in covered litter box then it is your luck because most of the cats will not tolerate the other one. Anyway there are some pros and cons in using covered litter boxes also which are listed below.


  • Since the litter pan is covered and extra larger the litter has more space to make them comfortable.
  • The covered litter box has opening in the frond with flapping door so it is easy for litter to enter into the litter box.
  • This enlarged space litter box can be used for cats that are in shy manner.
  • The covered litter box has more large space so it keeps the litters pee and poop separate which helps to clean easily.
  • More over the litter pan is designed with removable covered lid mainly to help for self cleaning purpose.
  • As the spaces are more for kitten you can arrange multi rooms for them to make then ease.
  • It prevents other animals not to use the litter box.
  • This large cat litter box can used in apartments or flats, even for large litters.


  • There is no carbon filter is fixed in the litter box which in turn spread bad odor entire house.
  • This litter cannot be used as multi kitties litter pan although the space is large the cats will not used to be remains calm in covered litter pan.
  • Although it separate pees and poops the bad remains inside the litter box which spread bad odor.
  • It takes too long time to get dry if it is cleaned, since the litter pan is covered and has enlarged space it needs more air circulation to get dry and get rid of bad odor of pees.
  • Using this type of litter pan will encourages the vulnerability in your litter.
  • The chances for getting caught in risk are higher in using these litter pans.

4. Using Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box

The omega paw elite self cleaning roll ’n clean litter box is mainly designed to help the human in the cleaning of the litter box. Most of the people faces difficulties in cleaning instead of doing that better you can use self cleaning litter box. Inside the litter box there is a grill which makes the waste push to the pullout tray and makes it as hidden cat litter box. Although it is useful to self clean the litter boxes it also has some defect. Here the pros and cons of using self cleaning litter box are listed below.


  • If you use this type of litter box it eliminates the scooping habit in the litter.
  • Since it is self cleaning litter box the cleaning can be done in short period of time by rolling the litter box upside down twice.
  • In this type of litter box you need not to have much contact with your litter pees and poops to clean.
  • There are some litter box which uses electricity for self cleaning which in turn affects the kitty even omega paw elite self cleaning roll ’n clean litter box is designed as self cleaning litter box but it do not need electricity or wiring to clean.
  • The wastes are automatically pushed to pull out tray so it is easy to clean tray alone.


  • The litter latches are with low quality so the chances to break the latches by your litter are high.
  • The odor stinks when you are not cleaning the litter pans frequently.
  • There is no carbon filters are fixed with the litter pan to control the odor, it cause the odor to spread all over the house.
  • There is not enough space in pull out trash tray so it is difficult when your litter wastes are more.
  • The litter pan should be assemble perfectly that is the grill should be placed in the pan middle if not it will not work properly.
  • Although it is useful for cleaning the space is somewhat clumsy to the litter which makes them uncomfortable.
  • This type of litter would be perfect for shy type kitty if your lighter is naughty then there may be chances for breaking the litter pan.

5. PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

The scoop free ultra automatic cat litter box is modern cat litter box with advanced method of self cleaning litter box. Unlike the omega paw elite self cleaning roll ’n clean litter box human do not need to roll on the litter box for cleaning rather it is fully automated. The scoop free ultra automatic cat litter uses electricity for disposal of litter waste the disposal tray is placed at bottom unit of the litter box. Once the tray gets filled with waste you can slide out the tray and replace is with new one.

Although it is automated even this type of litter boxes also has pros and cons which are listed below.


  • By using this litter box there is no need of cleaning your litter waste daily it can be done once in 10 days. This time period differs with number of kitties stay in the litter box.
  • There is large disposal tray fixed so if it is large cat the tray can be replaced once in a week so it is easy to clean the litter box.
  • The blue crystal stones are placed in the top of the litter box in order to control the odor of waste.
  • When compare to other brands of self cleaning litter pans it is easier to maintain.
  • It would be best choices for the cat privacy.


  • The litter box should be assembled in proper way if it no happens there are chances for malfunctioning.
  • The disposal tray should be replaced within the time or it tends to deposit the waste inside the litter box which is not good.
  • More over the litter box has little space which makes your cat little uncomfortable.
  • Since the opening in the litter box is in side way it may tends to arrival of other animals too.
  • It is not good for cats to use only the corners of the litter box it makes them vulnerable.
  • The disposal cartridge is not sealed more over when it is filled it became heavier and there is chances for break of cartridge too.

The top most five cat toilet litter box and their features their pros and cons of usages are clearly mentioned above. Based on all these comparison you may conclude that catit jumbo hooded litter pan would be best litter cat pan. This would be more comfortable for your litter and easy to manage than all other brand of litter pan.